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Pre-Holiday Furry Dinner/Bowling Meet!

Hello Everyone! This is an urgent post for all those near Eastern PA and New Jersey!

I, along with kookyfox , want to host a Pre-Holiday Meet on Saturday, December 12th which will include Dinner and Fursuit Bowling! I know this may be short notice for some of you, but we thought it would be a great idea to get together before the Christmas/Hanukkah holiday. But we need to know a few things first in order to get the most people to come!

First, since Kooky represents the NJ furs and I the PA furs, we want to get a sense of the best location for this meet:
Poll #1491338 Location Preference

What is your location preference (Hosts' reasons also listed)

New Brunswick, NJ - Best location for everyone to access, known for furry acceptance
Allentown/Easton/Phillipsburg (PA/PA/NJ) - Easiest location for me to organize from, known cheap bowling
If you honestly don't mind either location please comment as such below. Kooky and I would probably lean towards New Brunswick ourselves.

Next, which would you have time to do. Both eating and bowling can be done with dinner around 4pm and bowling around 7-8pm. It is probably best to leave the fursuiting for bowling only.
Poll #1491339 Dinner/Bowling

Which would you like to attend?

Dinner Only
Bowling Only
Dinner and Bowling
Finally, where would you like to eat? Go ahead and comment below on your favorite place. Please keep in mind that wallets may be thin these days and a large restaurant may be needed.

I will keep these polls open for the next few days. Any suggestions not involving the date are welcome. Hopefully we'll get a good response, get these details finalized and get this party started!

Thanks everybody!

Sadarius Wolf (Sadie)


Well this is a great start to the weekend!

A romp around the tennis courts got my awesome collection to a total of 55 Tennis Balls! I'ze love my tennis balls *holds his babies*

I hope everyone has a safe and happy time at MFF! I'll be missing you all!
Yeah, being in a suit for the first time had me thinking I was invincible when it came to stopping elevator doors from closing. I actually had my paw in less than 3 inches of closing space when I thought all at once, "What the hell am I doing!?!" But I stopped it, yeah that's right!

So FurFright has to be beating New Zealand right now as my favorite weekend of all my existence! I was surrounded by great friends, old and new, and had the time of my life!

Friday I found my roomies carson10us and kookyfox right away, oh come on! They were the brightest suits in the bunch creating all the shenanigans down in the lobby! We ate pizza and I suited up for my first time in Frostbite's other suit Cyclone! I wandered around a bit, mingling with the crowd and getting pictures taken. I also met "Not Trigger" ayulf, the other awesome nbowa, flight_line and harleywolf, the Coyote from Australia!

Then while I was wandering around with no particular place to go, this friendly shepherd came up to me and we got ta talkin'. Turns out that I have a twin and his name is Skroy, or Bit if you saw his suit, which I know EVERYONE did! He was hard to miss given that bearknight loved pointing him out at every chance he could :P

Had a great time laughing it up with twitchdawoof and coopertom in the headless lounge. Dancing with duncan_the_dog and Tsune the Wolf on Friday and Saturday nights was fun too. It's terribly exhausting when the DJ plays the best music from the 80's and then does the Macarana, Time Warp and Cotton-eyed Joe all in a row and you can't bring yourself to leave!

Saturday was epic as we went to the Meridian Rd. Diner with Greifer and jdpuppy and other happy fursuiters in which it took us all about 10 minutes to clear out any seating for "normal" people. But about 20+ of us went outside and waved at cars to get them more business. They actually had a picture of Greifer and friends from their visit last year on their wall! We did the parade, which I'm sure there are plenty of videos of me tripping because the damn hotel didn't have straight sidewalks on the inside of the hotel. More awesome dancing that night and on to some room get-together's with Harley, tzup and Nbowa. Then to Flightline's then walked around with Skroy some more.

Sunday was EPIC! Played in the fursuit games! GO GREEN MYSTERY MACHINE! Loved all the games and the teamwork from my awesome team! Clementine was great for helping all of us knock out the red team in Crazy Ass Musical Chairs :D Afterwards I hooked up with Frostbite, Saerek, and Nbowa as we planned on going out to get Sushi before I had to leave and to my surprise we actually hooked up with some more awesome people! Belic and his son, Tzup and Harley, nekomonthetiger, JD and Jimmy Wolf, and two others I never got names from. Harley: "JD The food is so BIG!" Yes, I payed $15 for steak teriyaki and got $30 worth of free food with it! Must eat Japanese again soon! JD probably made out better than most of us; thin bastard was able to finish everyone else's plate! *is jealous*

Anyway the whole weekend was phenomenal! And I will be more than happy to travel half way around the world to get to FurFright 2010 just so I can see you all again! THANK YOU EVERYONE that I met and everyone who showed me and Cyclone lovins you all made this time a fantastic one!

Thank you especially to Belic and his wife, the Dorsai, all the con crew, and all the volunteers! It was you guys who made FurFright such a great time, I love you all!

P.S. Thank you ~V~ for my ear worm for the next month! *downloaded the entire Owl City album*... yes I realize I'm probably way behind in the bandwagon but I don't care!
Yay, only 1 day and two classes stand in my way from what I gather is the best con ever! I'm really excited to see some old friends and new friends again.

I'm also super excited because one of my roommates, Frostbite, has an extra suit named Cyclone, a doberman, and he's letting me wear him for the weekend! He's such a nice guy and this is really going to help me recover from last week. So look for me as a big brown dog (partial) hanging around a "Kooky" fox and a crazy blue one. I just might be nomming some ankles near you!

Don't forget to text me all your room numbers when you get there! Safe travels everyone, and bring your party faces!
Hey all,

So Kabangeh and I were looking for a hotel for FurFright 09 and there is a Super 8 hotel only 1.7 miles away!!! AND IT'S $65 +tax A NIGHT! Of course if we do this we would like some help, so who's willing to room with us?!

Think about it 4 people, ~$35 FOR 2 NIGHTS (16th and 17th)! Closer and cheaper than the overflow, parking is free, and besides you'll be spending all your time at the con and main hotel anyway!

If we don't get 2 more people, we are then forced to ask people from the other hotels. Floor space is fine and it'll make your room cheaper! Especially if you already have 4 people! I will pay equal share for the floor too!

Thanks everyone!

Ah, AC Reminiscing

Cricket and I talking about AC memories... we have horrible PCD:

taiko_shepherd: But I'm not Canadian.
twitchdawoof: I could make you Canadian...

The Big Question...

Can someone please explain to me how Portal became a Furry Fandom favorite?! It's in no way, shape or form furry!


Back from AC and Chilling in MI

WOW! AC was way more than I expected from my first con. I definitely think all my old and new friends made it an absolutely exceptional experience!

Between hunting down cheap parking places and trekking between the DoubleTree and the convention center a billion times we had a great time hanging out in the dealer's den for hours and chilling with artist friends, friends in suit, and just awesome people. I know cricket_fur had a wonderful time suiting in her costume and our hotel room was great fun with taiko_shepherd and thatoneguy297 supplying the laughs and all of us joining in on the lack of sleep (W00T "ZombieCon"). Not to mention all the fun we had hanging with Taiko's buddies carson10us, rlfjr03, and rory_husky.

What I learned from my first con:
- Sleep is overrated
- Buying new shoes before the con was an unforeseen Godsend
- Furries are creppy
- (10 minutes later) Furries are a lot of fun
- Friends of Friends of Friends are Friends too/are probably already your Friends
- Artists are a lot more humble than I thought and are really cool people to chat and have dinner with
- Dark Natasha is the Queen Furry and rules over everyone with Dark Mumsy at her side
- Furries are... W00T!

All in all this con really invigorated my love for the fandom and being there with all those fun people really made the experience worth re-experiencing. I want to go back so bad and am looking into the next furry con. I hope to see all you guys really soon! Thanks for making this the best weekend ever.

P.S. Money and time are always factors, but let me know about MFF '09, and FCN '10 I'll see what I can do! Hopefully AC '10 will be a definite.

P.S.S. Pictures and art will come as soon as I get back to my scanner in PA

OMG AC is finally here!

After 7 years of wanting and waiting, I finally get to go to AC! What's even better I'll be with my lil' bro Taiko and my mate Cricket! *squeal*

Let's see:
- I might have my black/grey tail on
- My badge was made by my lovely doggie, Cricket
- I'm staying at the DoubleTree with Cricket, Taiko and Corey
- I'll be at the mixer and dance, in the dealer's room bright and early, Kage's Story Hour and 2's Rant, but other than that I'm free to meet people and socialize
- I like hugs! As long as I see them coming ;P
- You can hang around if you wish, I'll be trying to find people of my own interests but whatever works for you is fine.
- I'll do art for you... just nothing really good, but all you'll lose is a small section of a page maybe a dollar... if you wish *is a depreciating woofie)

Anyhoo! Have a safe trip everyone and I'll see you tomorrow!

Everyone, meet the love of my life!

So this is LONG overdue but I wanted to make sure I had enough time to say all I wanted to... which still won't be enough.

I recently met a girl, okay not just a girl; I met a very lovely, very adorable, very kind, very accepting, very generous, very caring and very... persuasive girl. Okay and not just recently either; some might say I've been stalking her for years, but it initially started off as a fanboy to an artist... and THEN it became a stalking scenario once I saw her pictures. :D Really, we have been talking on and off for over 5 years now, after I found her amazing arts online. In the past two years we have grown closer and now in the last 2 months we've developed our relationship to the point where I don't think I could ever love anyone more than I love her!

Well by this time you must be wondering who this girl is so you can send her your condolences for knowing me. Well she is no other than the very famous, very awesome Cricket (cricket_fur). My sweet lil' corgie/blue healer/eskie puppy! And let me tell you all something, this feeling is indescribably incredible!

Between the hours of phone calls (including a full 24 hour straight run), the lovely videos we send back and forth, and now the live video feed courtesy of a brand new HP webcam (*wants his royalties now*) how am I to keep myself from thinking of her... never mind, I never want to stop!

Every time I hear her voice my heart jumps in my chest and a rush of adrenaline careens through my body from the tip of my tail to the tip of my muzzle... and that's just her voice. What she says and what we share is something I never thought I would be able to share with anybody. No one on this planet knows more about me than her, mainly because I've told her everything, and guess what! she listened to it all and never flinched. I have told her every living thing about me good and bad and she insists on being mine forever.

My love, I never thought I would meet someone as kind-hearted as yourself. I am not worthy to hold your heart in my hands... but if you insist I will hold it forever. I will keep it safely with me as long as I live. I will never let anything hurt you or come between us. I will be your safeguard, always vigilant in the night, holding you close to me keeping you warm from the world's frigid winds. I will be by your side, always there for you in times of need, supporting you 110% in anything you want to do or achieve. My love I want nothing more than to hold you in my arms, nuzzling your cheek for the rest of my life... My dear... you mean more to me than anything in this world. You have my heart and soul residing with you now and forever. And yes, when the day comes that we depart this world... I hope we get another chance to find each other all over again, because knowing you is the greatest feeling I thought I'd never get to express. Cricket... Laura... will you be mine forever?

Love now and forever
Your lil' wolf,

Sadie <3