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Yes, yes she is blonde

I was at a Thai restaurant today for lunch by myself and a very rambunctious, very loud wife, he husband and their double date couple came in and sat down pretty close to me. Now besides the fact that she had to much energy there was one thing she said made me go "Wait a minute..."

The one waiter in the place brought them their tea with straws with a part of the wrapper left on the top as a cover.

"How are we supposed to use these straws?"

I look up and confirm that she is in fact solid blonde and everyone else has brown hair. Once they told her what it was and she laughed annoyingly loud she went on to suggest they double date again on Sunday. They haven't yet started what seemed to be their first double date and the other couple how had yet to say more than, "Just take it off" had insta-denied the offer with a list of excuses.

I had to hold my laughing because she looked at me every 30 seconds?!