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The Power of Movies

I love the feeling you get when you leave the theater and you're walking to the door, still in the darkness of the tiered seats and bustling crowd.
You get up from your seat and your legs are trembling with excitement as the ending has just hit you in the face with realization, understanding and suspense, but you're still processing it's full meaning.
You walk down the stairs and you realize that your legs are wobbly and your arms are restless, wanting to act out the last movement, sway to the ending music shiver with unrest, uneasiness, or excitement.
Walking across the aisle everyone is quiet as they try to keep up with their friends and partners until they get into the hallway to discuss their shared satisfaction
And in those few seconds you are able to collect your thoughts into one growing burst of energy that usually amounts to a long a draw out, "Oh... my... God... that was... AWESOME!" as soon as you walk through that door into the hallway and turn around to see you friend right behind you with an equally appeased grin on his or her face.
This is an experience saved only for the best movies... and I love it.