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Wonder No More!

Did you ever wonder if it's possible to do a face plant into a ketchuped hot dog?... Yes, yes you can.

1000 Ways To Die... Furries?

HAHAHA I just watched 1000 Ways To Die on Spike and they had a guy in the desert high on shrooms... what happens? He supposedly stumbles on a furry orgy and wants to get in on the sex.... yeah I dunno but it makes for good TV I guess.

So Bozzo Brain gets rejected by the Zebra, Bunny and Rooster (Cock for all those wondering how many innuendos they might have fit in there) and finds a Bear by itself and decides to go for it.... except the Bear is a bear AAAAND he and the bear have a great time and finish each other nicely and they all lived happily ever after.

YEAH RIGHT! The dude got eaten! And I am thus pleased with the story :P

Yes, yes she is blonde

I was at a Thai restaurant today for lunch by myself and a very rambunctious, very loud wife, he husband and their double date couple came in and sat down pretty close to me. Now besides the fact that she had to much energy there was one thing she said made me go "Wait a minute..."

The one waiter in the place brought them their tea with straws with a part of the wrapper left on the top as a cover.

"How are we supposed to use these straws?"

I look up and confirm that she is in fact solid blonde and everyone else has brown hair. Once they told her what it was and she laughed annoyingly loud she went on to suggest they double date again on Sunday. They haven't yet started what seemed to be their first double date and the other couple how had yet to say more than, "Just take it off" had insta-denied the offer with a list of excuses.

I had to hold my laughing because she looked at me every 30 seconds?!

The Power of Movies

I love the feeling you get when you leave the theater and you're walking to the door, still in the darkness of the tiered seats and bustling crowd.
You get up from your seat and your legs are trembling with excitement as the ending has just hit you in the face with realization, understanding and suspense, but you're still processing it's full meaning.
You walk down the stairs and you realize that your legs are wobbly and your arms are restless, wanting to act out the last movement, sway to the ending music shiver with unrest, uneasiness, or excitement.
Walking across the aisle everyone is quiet as they try to keep up with their friends and partners until they get into the hallway to discuss their shared satisfaction
And in those few seconds you are able to collect your thoughts into one growing burst of energy that usually amounts to a long a draw out, "Oh... my... God... that was... AWESOME!" as soon as you walk through that door into the hallway and turn around to see you friend right behind you with an equally appeased grin on his or her face.
This is an experience saved only for the best movies... and I love it.

Writer's Block: Collector's piece

Do you collect anything? If so, describe your favorite collection (past or present).

This probably comes to no surprise to most of you. I collect tennis balls! I'm working on the world record for the largest collection of non-purchased tennis balls. In other words, I can't buy them, but I can find them and get them as gifts. As of this hour I have 287 which I hope to get to 500 before I graduate.

I find most of my tennis balls at the courts on campus, they are everywhere. People hit them out of the courts and never get them and the tennis team ignores them because they have to open a new canister for every match they play. But for me, it's one of the most fun things I do all day, is to walk around the courts  which are tucked away next to a forested hill slope.

My plan is to build a small self all the way around the rooms of the house I finally buy and settle in up near the celling, creating a kind of crown molding with them. I would also make little plaques for the ones given by friends, my milestone numbers (100, 200, 300 etc.), and my dirtiest balls. Then when my collection is a record I'll start a kind of Balls for Dogs charity in which I'll give them away to pooches who need a tennis ball to light up their life! Teehee!

So yeah... now I just have to face my fear of actually looking up the current record...

Attention Furry Fandom

I am now self-recognizing myself as the first fully employed Civil Engineer furry of the fandom. Yes, that is right, I am not in any way, shape or form related to anything electrical or computer based as part of my job. If you know a CivE, keep it to yourself and let me be happy dang it! :P

Long of the short of it is I GOT THE JOB! After a month of waiting and interviewing, my first and only job offer came to me today! Thus for at least 90 days (in which I am a "return in 90 days for a full refund" item out of SkyMall) after sometime in June 2010 I will be engineering it up in York, PA! Please please please come visit!

I'll miss all of you guys that I'm moving away from. Thank you for taking care of me and giving loads of laughs and crap for my last glorious college year! Go Pards!

Sadie, out from happy hyperventilation


Furry Survey

survey banner

I think it's good to be apart of this. No matter what your involvement is with furries, if you interact with the furry fandom it's good to get a sense of  how you feel about it. Please participate, I have low tolerance for surveys but this was short and enjoyable. Even though my involvement is varying with furries I was glad to give my thoughts.

Oh why not add this here too:
FCW6adrsw A+ C+>++ D+++ H++ M- P++ R T++ W-> Z- Sm- RLE a cn++ e++ f++ h iwf++ j p sm->m*

Have a Very Merry Christmas!

*Raises a glass of liquids appropriate for his age* Here's to all of you, my friends, may you all be blessed this Christmas and Hanukkah! I love you all! May Santa Paws bring you everything you asked for and so much more. To you and your families and loved ones, from this wolf's den, have a very Merry Christmas!

With much love and care,

Sadarius Wolf, aka Sadie
Dear Loyal Bowling Furs,

I regret to inform you that this month's bowling meet will be canceled due to lack of interest due to the accidental overlap of another event. It appears that more people would come/stay on the RSVP list if this other event wasn't in place. For those of you who feel like you have to stay and bowl tomorrow, please enjoy the other event, and thank you for remaining loyal.

For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about and now will have a plain Saturday night instead of a rockin' one, I am TRULY sorry. I was really bummed when I saw people leaving, but this other event is for a special friend and will only occur this once.

We, however, have the wondrous opportunity to plan for next month! The most I can ever do in planning is converse with Kitt3n and Shy Matsi to work around the DE Bowling meet and whatever else is going on in the NJ area. This "other" event however sprung up after we were all setup and ready to go. So as a courtesy to other furs I will release this bowling meet from their consciences and plan for the NJ Dinner & Fursuit Bowling meet January 2010!!!

I am terribly sorry for you Loyal 7 and I hope you can forgive me and come again next month. Please have a safe and happy holiday! I wish you and yours all the best.

Sincerely and Always Yours,

Sadarius Wolf, Sadie

P.S. All lumps of coal can be mailed to my campus box. Please contact me for the address.

P.S.S. If no lumps of coal are at your disposal, you can email me hate mail at sadariuswolf@gmail.com
Alright so everything is finally taken care of! It was a difficult endeavor because we aren't established anywhere yet. It really came down to which places where returning my phone calls. But here we go!

What: PA/NJ Pre-Holiday Dinner & Fursuit Bowling Meet
When: Saturday, December 12, 2009, 5:30pm - 10pm
McCarthy's Bar & Grill, Tenpin Lanes, Manville, NJ

Important Details Under the Cut!Collapse )

If all goes well and our hosts are happy to have us return, I'll would be happy to continue this every month if possible. Then, with this, the Delaware, New Brunswick, and Lupine meets your life can be filled with furry goodness all month long!

I hope to see you all there!

Thank you to kookyfox for co-hosting and kitt3ns for all the help and page outline!